The statistics are staggering. The stories are devastating. The solutions are right in front of us. There is hope to make it better. This film is about driving change and changing lives. Please join us in saving children from a future of homelessness, poverty, crime and tragedy. We can make a difference.


Learn more about how we plan to create this full feature documentary film. We have a national approach to filming and distribution that phases out over the next 2 years. See our plans and schedules here.

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The problems that exist inside the foster care system are not only affecting foster children, but every citizen in this country. Learn more about the problem and its impact, including the fiscal cost, as well as how much positive impact this film will have.


Your donations can have a huge impact as part of this film project. Every dollar we raise for the film actually brings a much greater value impact to the problems in foster care. Check out just how much of a difference you can make by making a donation today.